Issue 14 | Published September 2018

Latest graphene investments, commercial agreements & financing.
Graphene coated solar panels module investment.
Graphene products for temperature control and conductivity.
Graphene textile products and new battery technology.
Increasing the strength and water resistance of concrete with graphene.
New UK-based graphene spin-out companies.
Mass market smartphones with fast charging graphene batteries.
Graphene supercapacitors for hybrid-electric public transport.
Graphene filtration market news, products and recent developments.
Graphene electronics market news, products and recent developments.
Graphene sensors market news, products and recent developments


CVD GrapheneIssue 13 | Published May 2018

CVD graphene production. Graphene in water filtration. New graphene commercial investments, agreements, collaborations and finance. New graphene products.




Issue 12 | Published April 2018

New graphene commercial investments, agreements, collaborations and finance. New graphene products. Graphene energy. Graphene filtration. Graphene medicine. Graphene sensors.




Issue 11 | Published February 2018 

Special in-depth focus on 2D Materials beyond graphene. All the latest graphene product, production and funding news. View content 




Issue 10 |  January 2018

Graphene in printable, flexible and stretchable electronics. Graphene in building and infrastructure. Latest graphene investment and funding news. Latest graphene business, product and research news. Latest graphene news in electronics and photonics. View content 



Issue 9 | September 2017

Graphene in lighting (Applications, companies and markets). Graphene in Australia-Graphite producers developing graphene products, production, start-ups and university research. View content



Issue 8 |  May 2017  

Graphene in the anti-corrosion coatings. Graphene in electronics and spintronics. View content




Issue 7 | April 2017

Graphene market pricing, production processes and confusion about what is actually being produced and sold. Graphene Quantum Dots (GQDs). View content



Issue 6 | March 2017 

Graphene in batteries and supercapacitors. View content




coverIssue 5 | October 2016 





Issue 4 | April 2016 cover

Graphene in the oil and gas industry. Graphene in Asia. Graphene quantum dots. View content




Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 15.25.10Issue 3 | November 2015 

Graphene in biomedicine.  Graphene in coatings.  C2N holey 2D materials. View content




Issue 2 | Published October 2015 

Graphene in the Li-ion battery market. Graphene in 3D printing. Graphene and beyond.  View content 




Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 20.28.11Issue 1 | July 2015 

Graphene in transparent conductive films. Graphene conductive inks. Graphene in China.