Issue 15


Graphene will provide significant benefits to a lot of industries in the coming years and it’s use is growing fast in the sporting goods and high performance sports textiles markets. Products are now available to purchase that utilize it’s thermal management capabilities, flexibility and strength. This has translated into significant performance benefits in  professional sport and it’s use will continue to grow. Several of these products benefit from UK produced graphene. The industry has grown steadily in the last few years and it remains to be seen what effect Brexit will have on it’s continued development. Leading producers such as Versarien, Applied Materials and Haydale all have a large number of international collaboration agreements. We wish them and all graphene producers well in 2019.

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In this issue: All the latest graphene market news

  • Latest graphene investments, commercial agreements & financing.
  • Market focus: Graphene in high-performance sports goods and textiles-composites, smart textiles, ski-wear and sports shoes.
  • Graphene anti-corrosive vehicle paint primers.
  • Graphene oxide membrane technology.
  • Graphene adsorbents for soil, groundwater and industrial waste.
  • Graphene composites news.
  • Graphene cleantech news.
  • Graphene aerospace components.
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Issue 15-PDF download
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Image credit: Koppens.

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