Issue 28, January-February 2022


Published February 2022

Inside the issue

  • Latest graphene investments, commercial agreements and rounds of finance, January-February 2022.
  • Latest graphene product news, industrial collaborations and commercial agreements, January-February 2022.
    • Graphene ink-based heaters for low-power hot water.
    • Biochar derived from pyrolysis to improve environmentally friendly processing techniques to produce graphite and graphene.
    • Graphene to strengthen recycled rubber and polymer.
    • Graphene anti-counterfeiting ink technology.
    • Graphene sheet cooling technology.
    • Graphene textiles.
    • Graphene decarbonisation device.
    • Graphene hydrogels.
  • Latest graphene battery product news, January-February 2022.
    • Graphene solid-state batteries.
    • Graphene aluminium-ion batteries.
    • Graphene lithium-sulfur (Li-S) batteries.
  • Latest graphene coatings product news, January-February 2022.
    • Graphene coating dispersions, for use on industrial power transmission equipment.
    • Graphene marine coatings.
    • Anti-corrosion graphene coatings.
  • Latest graphene building and construction product news, January-February 2022.
    • Graphene-enhanced concrete.
    • Graphene-enhanced cement additives or grinding aids.
    • New 2D material stronger than steel.

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Issue 28 Graphene Magazine
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