Issue 12


In this issue

New graphene commercial investments, agreements, collaborations and finance

  • New agreement in graphene coatings.
  • Graphene tyres.
  • Multi-million dollar graphene funding.
  • Funding for graphene energy.

New graphene products

  • Graphene composites.
  • Graphene sporting equipment.
  • Graphene road surfaces.
  • Graphene tyres.
  • Graphene sensors for biosensing and smart textiles.
  • Graphene paper for flexible batteries.
  • New carbon materials.
  • Graphene satellites.

Graphene energy 

  • Graphene batteries.
  • Graphene oxide films for thermal conversion.
  • Graphene supercapacitors in India.
  • Graphene perovskite solar cells (PSC)

Graphene filtration 

  • Graphene membrane coatings.
  • Graphene filters for drinking water developed in Australia.
  • Graphene membranes for oil treatment.
  • Environmentally-friendly carbon-based cleaning process using seaweed.
  • Manufacturing high-quality graphene for use in membranes.

Graphene medicine 

  • Graphene glucose sensors.
  • Antibacterial graphene for implants.
  • Graphene smart bandages.

Graphene sensors 

  • Smart graphene wallpaper.
  • Graphene RFID.
  • Graphene biosensors.

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Issue 12 Graphene Magazine
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