Issue 33 (August 2023)


Published August 31 2023

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Graphene Magazine issue 33 covers latest developments in graphene coatings for diverse applications including automotive, aerospace, marine, electronics, and medical sectors. The main feature article analyzes key drivers spurring adoption such as superior hardness, corrosion resistance, thermal management capabilities. However, challenges remain around high costs, integration complexities, lack of toxicity data.

On the production side, the article explores different manufacturing techniques like chemical vapor deposition, liquid phase exfoliation, and conversion from CNTs. It also examines various coating integration methods including spray, dip and inkjet printing. Latest commercial activity is highlighted such as partnerships between coating producers and end-users in shipping, infrastructure.

This issue also covers recent graphene product development advances for areas like enhanced concrete, air filtration, flexible films, biosensors. Other application news covered includes graphene inroads in rubber composites, thermoplastics, energy storage. Investments and collaborations aim to scale up production and expand graphene use cases.

Issue 33 provides comprehensive coverage of the latest technical and commercial progress in graphene materials, coatings and products – underscoring graphene’s potential in enabling next-gen solutions.


Issue 33
Issue 33
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