Issue 17: Borophene; The market for graphene in de-icing and anti-icing composites and coatings.


The field of 2D materials has grown greatly in the past few years. It is estimated that there are more than 100-layered materials that could potentially be stripped down to a monolayer to form a 2D material. Graphene faces future competition from other 2D Materials especially for applications such as wearable electronics, sensors, batteries and hydrogen storage.

However, there is still some way to go before these other 2D materials can be mass produced and incorporated into high-value products. Graphene is already used in numerous products commercialized now such as composites, coatings, batteries, conductive films, printable electronics (based on graphene inks), photodetectors and biosensors.

This month we profile the 2D material has been highlighted as capable of potential usurping graphene, borophene. Stronger, lighter and more flexible than graphene it is viewed as the new 2D wonder material.

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In this issue: All the latest graphene market news

  • Latest graphene investments, commercial agreements & financing. April-May 2019.
  • New graphene product news. April-May 2019.
  • The market for graphene in de-icing and anti-icing composites and coatings.
  • Borophene-The new 2D wonder material? Properties, applications and market challenges.
  • Graphene-enhanced concrete research and development project.
  • Graphene-based biosensors.
  • Graphene-based ultracapacitors and energy storage systems.
  • New graphene energy product news. April-May 2019.
  • Graphene batteries.
  • Graphene solar films.
  • Graphene armour.
  • Graphene electric vehicles and electric bike batteries.
  • New graphene production processes.
  • Graphene-based MWIR sensors.
  • Graphene sporting composites.
  • High-quality graphene wafers.
  • Nanomaterials regulation news.
  • Graphene standards.
Issue 17
Issue 17
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