Issue 14


The last few months has seen a marked increase in graphene collaborations, agreements, investments and product launches. Products are now coming to market across multiple sectors and regional markets. New products and developments incorporating graphene include body temperature regulating fabrics, jackets, coolants, sensors, automotive composites, wheelchairs, supercapacitors for public transport, cigarette filters, membrane technology, wearable technology for athletes and OLEDs.
Investment companies have invested multi-million dollars in small-scale producers and product developers in seat warming technology, solar panels and batteries. This shows no sign of abating with electronics giant Huawei launching a smart phone with a fast charging graphene battery before the end of the year.

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In this issue: All the latest graphene market news

  • Latest graphene investments, commercial agreements & financing.
  • Graphene coated solar panels module investment.
  • Graphene products for temperature control and conductivity.
  • Graphene textile products and new battery technology.
  • Increasing the strength and water resistance of concrete with graphene.
  • New UK-based graphene spin-out companies.
  • Mass market smartphones with fast charging graphene batteries.
  • Graphene supercapacitors for hybrid-electric public transport.
  • Graphene filtration market news, products and recent developments.
  • Graphene electronics market news, products and recent developments.
  • Graphene sensors market news, products and recent developments.
Issue 14 Graphene Magazine
Issue 14 Graphene Magazine
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