Issue 10: Graphene in flexible electronics; graphene in construction; latest graphene news.


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Entering 2018, the market for graphene continues to look favourable. Products that chiefly utilize the materials conductive properties in additives are appearing more frequently, and companies clearly view graphene as beneficial both to product development and marketing. Recent product launches include audio equipment (including headphones from Panasonic) and textiles (memory foam pillows and outdoor clothing).

Several graphene producers have also reported growth in sales in 2017, a trend that will likely continue in 2018 as demand increases in energy storage, textiles, anti-counterfeiting and construction markets. Significant recent financial investments by companies, investment funds and government bodies also point the way to a prosperous 2018 for graphene.

In this issue

  • Graphene in printable, flexible and stretchable electronics. Read more
  • Graphene in building and infrastructure. Read more
  • Latest graphene investment and funding news. Read more
  • Latest graphene business, product and research news. Read more
  • Latest graphene news in electronics and photonics. Read more
Issue 10 Graphene Magazine
Issue 10 Graphene Magazine
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