Issue 29


Published June 2022

  • Latest graphene investments, commercial agreements and rounds of finance, May-June 2022.
  • Latest graphene product news, industrial collaborations and commercial agreements, May-June 2022.
    • Graphene-based display technology.
    • Graphene-enhanced plastics.
    • Graphene-based membranes for extraction.
    • Converting plastic parts from end-of-life vehicles into graphene.
    • Renewable graphene adhesives for wood panels and packaging.
    • Graphene oxide (GO) membranes for water treatment.
    • Graphene-enhanced protective coatings.
    • Graphene heating.
    • Graphene automotive composites.
  • Latest graphene energy product news, May-June 2022.
    • Aluminium-Graphene pouch cell battery for consumer electronics.
    • Graphene Aluminium-Ion batteries.
    • Graphene lithium-sulfur (Li-S) batteries.
    • Reduced graphene oxide (rGO) for supercapacitors.
    • Waste recycling for producing biofuel and graphene.
    • Polymer graphene batteries.
    • Graphene lithium-ion batteries.
    • Graphene for solar sails.
    • Graphene-metal composite material for mass production of ultralight and large-capacity power lines.
  • Latest graphene textiles product news, May-June 2022.
    • Smart shoe with inbuilt Graphene sensors
    • Graphene antimicrobial coatings.
    • Graphene for sportswear.
  • Latest graphene coatings product news, May-June 2022.
    • Graphene anti-corrosion paint.
    • Graphene for medical supply coatings.
    • Graphene marine coatings.

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Issue 29, June 2022
Issue 29, June 2022
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