Issue 34 (January 2024)


This issue of Graphene Magazine focuses on the growing market opportunity for graphene-enhanced coatings across industries like automotive, aerospace, and marine. It analyzes how graphene’s superior mechanical, electrical, thermal, and gas barrier properties can enable high-performance anti-corrosion, conductive, and protective coatings.

Additional coverage highlights the latest graphene product developments, investments, and research news. Key updates include: graphene concrete admixtures to reduce emissions and strengthen buildings; partnerships to commercialize graphene loudspeaker components for premium sound; advances in flexible displays, biosensors, lubricants, and batteries enabled by graphene materials.

Multiple application examples showcase how graphene is translating academic promise into commercial solutions. These span from shipping vessel hull coatings preventing biofouling to 3D printed architecture components boasting enhanced strength. Market challenges around scaling up graphene production and demonstrating reliability are also considered.

With increasing industry recognition of graphene’s capabilities across diverse industries, investments continue rising to support manufacturing scale-up and product integration. If remaining hurdles around quality, consistency, and economics can be overcome, graphene holds potential to transform surface engineering across application segments.

Published January 2024

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Issue 34 (January 2024)
Issue 34 (January 2024)
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