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Graphene is under development in biomedical and healthcare applications due to its unique physico-chemical characteristics including electronic, optical, thermal and mechanical properties. This article covers:

  • Graphene in cancer therapy
  • Graphene in wound dressings
  • Graphene in medical implants
  • Graphene in biosensors
  • Market challenges
  • Product developers.

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Regulatory restrictions, environmental concerns and the need for multi-functionality is driving innovation in the coatings sector. Graphene will potentially play a major role in new environmentally friendly, protective, smart coatings.This article covers:

  • Graphene in anti-corrosion coatings
  • Graphene in marine coatings
  • Graphene in anti-microbial coatings
  • Graphene in abrasion & wear resistant coatings
  • Product developers.

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C2N holey 2D materials

A two-dimensional nitrogen-containing crystal that could rival graphene in semiconductors. This article covers:

  • Introduction to C2N
  • Properties of C2N
  • Latest research
  • Applications of C2N.

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Issue 3 2D Materials Magazine, November 2015
Issue 3 2D Materials Magazine, November 2015
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