Issue 18: textiles


Clothes that monitor your health or measure your movements. Technology that makes it possible to recycle and reuse textile fibres. Smart textiles that revolutionizes our lives.
The textile industry is about to take a giant step from being a supplier of fabrics to become a positive force in the development of society, through the use of innovative new materials such as graphene.
The last year has seen numerous graphene-based textiles products come to the market. Graphene products are now commercially available in sportswear, outdoor clothing, durable footwear and industrial textiles. Recently, graphene womens apparel, wet suits and sports clothing have been made available for retail. Graphene is utilized for outstanding properties such as improved strength, durability and thermal comfort.

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In this issue: All the latest graphene market news

  • Latest graphene investments, commercial agreements & financing. June-July 2019.
  • New graphene product news. June-July 2019.
  • Graphene in NanoTextiles. Market analysis and companies.
  • Graphene environment product news June-July 2019.
  • Nanomaterials regulation news.
  • Outdoor water filtration system using graphene smart beads.
  • Graphene membranes for desalination in China.
  • Graphene in the Japanese automotive components market.
  • Graphene wetsuit with improved water resistance and strength.
  • Graphene nanoplatelets in PET packaging for beverages.
  • Graphene quantum dots for biomedical applications
  • Graphene durable paint products launched in the United Kingdom.
  • Aerogel technology for cost-effective renewable hydrogen production.
Issue 18 Graphene Magazine
Issue 18 Graphene Magazine
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