Graphene manufacturer collaborates with Callaway Golf Company to develop graphene golf balls


XG Sciences, Inc., a leading manufacturer of high-quality graphene nano-materials, today announced a collaboration with Callaway Golf Company focused on two new product offerings: the Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X golf balls. This new Callaway Golf® ball line incorporates XG Sciences’ high-performance graphene nanoplatelets into the outer core of the Chrome Soft balls, resulting in a new class of product that enables increased control, higher driving speeds and greater distance.

“We are pleased to partner with Callaway Golf and contribute to their success. This is just one example of how our proprietary graphene nanoplatelets provide performance improvements for our customers,” said Philip Rose, CEO of XG Sciences. “We now have the scale in our manufacturing capability, leveraging two proprietary high-volume processes to meet the growing demand for high-performance composites. Our manufacturing know-how allows us to produce materials with high quality, consistency and performance that can be varied to meet multiple end-use customer applications.”

“The use of graphene in our most premium golf balls unlocks performance characteristics for distance and control that would not be achievable otherwise,” said Dave Bartels, Sr. Director, Golf Ball Research & Development of Callaway Golf Company. “Golfers expect the highest level of consistency, quality and overall performance from our products, and the innovative use of graphene in our new golf ball design is evidence of our continued commitment to exceeding those expectations.”

“We have enjoyed our collaboration with Callaway Golf, a company committed to innovation, as they raise the bar for performance,” said Bamidele Ali, Chief Commercial Officer of XG Sciences. “Our work with Callaway Golf is just one example of the commercial adoption of our composite materials. We have a line of XG Composite™ products containing our graphene nano-materials formulated in different polymers that vary based on customer and market needs. We are able to deliver on the notion that engineers and designers should expect more from their materials. Our XG Composites bring new capabilities to the world of advanced materials.”

Graphene is a Nobel Prize-winning nano-material that is currently recognized for its conductivity, strength, durability, and many other attributes. XG Sciences has made high-volume graphene nano-materials economically viable by formulating new products using its proprietary, high purity and repeatable manufacturing processes. In addition to its work with Callaway Golf, XG Sciences collaborates with other domestic and international customers, including several global leaders in their industries, to fully integrate its nano-materials into their products.


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